Saturday, 21 July 2012

What are you whistling?

My husband and I have both been whistling ‘I can’t give you anything (but my love)’ by the Stylistics – from the 70s...

I started it, after watching Alan Yentob’s Imagine show on the power of the falsetto.

I think my husband started joining in after I told him about the show’s observation that women love a good male falsetto...

Steve’s whistling may not be up there with Russell Thompkins’ singing. But it’s a sure sign of happiness to be whistling or singing anything, regardless of talent.

And there’s also mounting evidence that singing is good for our health. It’s a known mood booster and now also proven to guard against memory loss. 

In one Japanese study participants who sang along as they worked out retained 70% more information than those who only exercised – even though exercise alone also sends blood to the brain to improve memory.

And, here’s a thing, when I asked Steve the name of that song we were whistling there was no hesitation - he came straight out with it!

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