Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happy herbal healing

I’ve just read today’s news that thyme could be a more effective treatment for acne than medicated creams, according to research at Leeds Metropolitan University. I’m sure anyone with spotty skin will be delighted to hear that a truly effective natural remedy could soon be on the market, and of course acne can hit us at any age, not just our teens (your risk spikes again as you head towards menopause, a time when many women also feel just as volatile as their teenage daughters).
I’m a great fan of herbal remedies as my long suffering friends and family will testify. If someone has a cold, I’m pushing the Echinacea. If someone’s feeling a bit blah, I always recommend Rhodiola. And if insomnia’s a problem I’m assured that the right dose of Valerian is a safe and effective remedy that won’t leave you feeling groggy the morning after.
My advice when buying herbal remedies is to look for the THR licence number on the packaging. This means that the product has been tested for quality and safety, and contains the ingredients it claims to contain (you actually have no guarantee of this without the THR licence).  
There are of course other great herbal remedies you can make for yourself – sage, for example, is hailed as the best treatment for a sore throat if you make a tea from it (use dried or fresh leaves) that you can gargle, according to the naturopath Michael Van Straten.  And Feverfew is apparently a great sandwich ingredient if you have a migraine!
So, yes, I will be thrilled when thyme is put into a skin cream and I hope it’s as successful as scientists think it will be. For more information on the thyme story, see

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